Scandinavian design handmade rugs


"Fields & Forests" is a special artistic collection, created by a prominent Norwegian artist Andreas Siqueland.
The designs based on full size paintings.   


Artist / Painter

“Some time in the future when the water levels have risen and the seasons no longer shift, the red house in the country was taken over by the surrounding landscape. Water had cracked open the cellar wall and in with the wind flew leaves, grass and small twigs. Over time the cellar was filled with the decomposing material, which soon became a nursery for small plants. With the warmer climate the plants grew fast and soon they began to explore the different rooms of the house. From the roots in the cellar, trees grew up along the walls. The floor became the carpet of fields and forests."

The collection Fields and Forests is part of the larger art project Living with it! where Andreas Siqueland uses his own home as a site of investigation of future living conditions. We worked through a number of sketches before deciding on making carpets based on full size paintings. Siqueland works with oil, acrylic, ink and watercolor on board, paper and canvas. The work is made both inside and outside. Concrete situations, such as changing weather conditions or restrictions imposed by architecture, play an active role in the making of the work. In recent years he has been exploring painting through large-scale installations.

The carpets is a one-off produced in India. To investigate issues of sustainability and local craftsmanship, we will see if it is possible to make the same carpets with weavers in Norway. The collaboration with Volver started in the fall of 2019. This is the first collection Andreas Siqueland and Volver make together.

Scandinavian design handmade rugs


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