Volver is a Norwegian design studio that offers curated collections of premium rugs for private and public spaces.
Volver aims to enrich the notion of Scandinavian design with a vibrant diversity of artistic and individual expressions.  

We recognize the growing wish to express personal and corporate individuality through interior decoration. We encourage and enable individualization through distinctive and bold designs, curatorship and customization services.

In our designs we fuse Scandinavian design, modern digital technology and traditional national textile crafts of Scandinavia and India. All our products are made only in natural materials: Wool, bamboo, silk, jute and organic cotton. 

Volver works internationally with interior retailers, agents, architects and private clients.


For the production of our handmade rugs, we collaborate with Indian rug producers. India´s long and proud tradition of making rugs enables us to both create rugs of the highest quality and to contribute to sustain and develop further this beautiful heritage. We constantly work on improving the rug industry both ethically, socially and environmentally. 

Creating a handmade rug is a complicated process, that involves several stages and many experts in different fields. For manufacturing the carpets for the Tribute collection, we have used two techniques: hand tufting and hand weaving. Both techniques require expert knowledge and experiencel to produce our highly detailed designs. 


Founder and head designer Ksenia Stanishevski has a background both from the visual arts and as industrial designer. Ksenia moved to Norway in 1998 and later graduated Industrial Design studies at The School of Design and Architecture in Oslo. The designer has an objective to redefine the role of the rug in the interior from an accessory to a central decorative part of the space. 

Ksenia has been working with handmade rugs for fourteen years and has collaborated with several renown architectural offices in Norway for both public and private clients. Her rug designs

have received international acclaim, such as The Norwegian Award for Design Excellence, BoBedre Designer of the Year Nomination, Forum Design Award Nomination, Design Award Nomination at NTNU, Norway and are included in such publication as 1000 Designs 2, ELLE Collection, Trend Bible, “CAD and Rapid Prototyping for Product Design”. 


We provide custom rugs and wall decorations for private residences, commercial and public spaces. We put emphasis on enchancing the architectural concept and bring forth the qualities of the interior. 

All our designs can be adapted in size, color, pattern and shape. We also develop bespoke solutions exclusively for the individual project.  



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